Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada

Phase 2: Engage

Action Phase 2: Engage

The second phase of becoming a Dementia Friendly Community is where we engage with leaders in Nevada to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the dementia readiness in our community.

Step 1: Form community Engagement Sub-teams.

Community leaders identified four prominent sectors (Care Partners, Community Services, Government, & Healthcare). Action Team members elected which sector groups they would like to support.

Step 2: Adopt assessment tools in the form of online questionnaires relevant to our community sectors.

We are utilizing questionnaires created by Dementia Friendly America for our community and will ask community members to complete the appropriate questionnaire online.

Step 3: Hold training sessions on how to complete sector(s) questionnaires.

Step 4: Develop an organized process flow and timeline.

Step 5: Engage the community through interviews or focus groups.

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