Dementia Friendly Southern Nevada

Nevada’s Caregiver Toolbox

The state of Nevada, through multiple collaborations is working hard to offer a range of tools to help support caregivers.

FREE, ongoing telephone based Information and Support for caregivers.

Care Consultation offers simple and practical solutions for caregivers of individuals, throughout the lifespan, living with a chronic condition.  Care Consultants offer support to empower, educate and improve overall wellbeing for caregivers from the comfort of your home.

Services are available throughout Nevada by calling 1-844-850-5114.

Care Consultation:

  • Identifies and addresses care related concerns
  • Provides support and empowerment through person centered coaching
  • Develops a customized plan with action steps
  • Accesses tools, resources and education to be a happy, healthy caregiver

Help for people with disabilities, older adults, and caregivers start here…

Nevada Care Connection was established in 2005 as our state’s Aging and Disability Resource Center program. ADRCs were designed to serve as a single point of entry into the long term support system for individuals with functional limitations and their families.  The original goal was to help consumer’s identify needs, provide information on the full range of options available and help people access benefits for which they might qualify.

Since 2014, Nevada has been expanding the Nevada Care Connection concept to a system wide philosophy of “No Wrong Door”.  The goal is to transform the way people access long-term supports and services in Nevada.

Care Consultation

Rest Training Program

Caring for Someone with Dementia



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